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Performance Tracking & Trend Analysis

The ReachOn solution is designed to also enable marketers to streamline the email marketing process and provide the tools needed to get the most out of online marketing campaigns. The cornerstone of the ReachOn solution is advanced reporting. The ReachOn system enables you to review Performance Tracking on your email campaigns, not only the day the campaign is sent but for the life of the campaign.

Campaign Reports & Tracking include:

General Statistics: Includes open rate ratio, click-throughs, unsubscribe rates; Web-site activity; Unsubscribes (managed within yoursystem); and list quality and mailing effectiveness ratings.

List Reports: View campaign and member statistics for individual mailing lists.

Emailed Reports: Reports can be automatically sent at regular intervals via email to your team or clients.

Aggregate Reports: View complete statistical reports across all or specific messages during a specific time frame. Download a list of your most active recipients.

Extraction Reporting: extract Open and/or open emails via your reporting area to further target your customers.

Action Tracking (Web site tracking): With the use of the ReachOn Viewer track users as they move through your Web site in response to the email messages you send them. You simply place an image tag that we provide on every Web page you want tracked. Literally see customer log on to your site, move from page to page.

Unsubscribe Reports: Generate Unsubscribe Reports

Market Trend Analysis: ReachOn works with each individual client to understand their reporting needs, adding forms, surveys and trend analysis features to further assist in generating superior performing online campaigns that achieve maximum productivity and ROI.

Image Tracking - Know who has clicked images in your newsletter and send them follow up Emails.

Lead Contact Alerts

The Client Lead Center enables you to receive leads from your Email Campaigns and manage them from one location--The ReachOn Lead Center.The Lead Center also alerts you when leads come in automatically via Email, and via a voice alert when logged in, all in real time.