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Anti-Spam Policy

In order to finalize your registration as a ReachOn customer, we require that you read the following important information about our policies on SPAM and submit your acceptance of this agreement.

All ReachOn customers agree to not utilize SPAM in promoting their products or services. Spamming may result in the immediate suspension or termination of your account.

What is spam? Spam is emailing ANYONE, in bulk or by single mailing, who has not specifically requested the information directly from you.

The ONLY exceptions to this are:

1. Mailing to APPROPRIATE OPT-IN mailing lists. However, use extreme caution when choosing an opt-in mailing list company! Using anything but the most reputable sources could generate spam complaints against ReachOn and your company resulting in suspension or termination of your account.

2. To assist in Anti-Spam measures we will automatically place an Unusubcribe in every email. We will also automatically filter unsubscribes from all your campaigns to assist in the Anti-Spam process.

3. We also will manage a National Email Unsubscribe List that will additionally filter out emails that do not want to receive product or service promotions.

Please note: ReachOn does not necessarily agree with the harsh interpretation of what constitutes SPAM. Right now the Internet is in its infancy; as it matures and e-commerce expands, the spam issue MAY change drastically, perhaps even eventually fading away completely. However, until then, we must abide by current Internet rules and regulations. In order to maintain our image and protect the incomes of ALL of our customers, we must adhere to the strictest interpretation of SPAM. ReachOn customers who follow the rules have nothing to be concerned about.

I have read the above information about spam and understand that spamming is grounds for immediate termination. I also understand that service interruptions as a result of my spamming will not be refunded.